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2 thoughts on “Contact Us!

    Name: humblecanadian
    Comment: Well, I saw the picture of the piano in the free green paper yesterday Iremembered reading about it about a year ago in Britain, New York and maybe Toronto, too. It was not until this morning that I realized that I wanted to find the piano, so I got up at 6:00 to go out and try to find a green box with a paper in it so I could find out where the piano was located. Then I had to look in google where telescope dock was and went to the Olympic station and asked people around there where the dock was. I am only a beginner of one year, so I brought my beginner piano books, and I knew to bring a music stand that I made to sit on the piano so I could read my music. I brought clothespegs to hold the music. and for the first time in my life I played the piano for the world – except I only every play ppp, so nobody to could hear mer, but that is okay, I just wanted to play a different piano than the one I have at home. It is such a beautiful day. cheers,

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