Meet the Pianos!

Keys to the Streets Map!

Also check out an interactive map here

Playing our Pianos: Some simple guidelines!

1. We ask that those who are enjoying our pianos do a little part to help keep them in good shape! This includes slipping on the rain cover in the event of foul weather, as well as at the end of the day availability for each piano (5:30pm).

2. Be mindful of the level of noise you create! Some of our pianos are located close to residential areas, so please be sensitive of this! Parents, kindly ask your children to refrain from banging on the keys too loudly!

3. Share the experience! Be mindful of your own time spent at the piano and allow others a chance to rock the keys. Music is meant to be shared and who knows… this could be the opportunity for someone who has never touched a piano before to learn!

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